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Bitcoin Cash (BCH.X): will the bull run continue?

1:04 pm ET, 23 Apr 2018

Bitcoin Cash has surged almost 80% in the last 7 days. There are speculations in the Bitcoin Cash community that this trend will continue for a notable period of time. 

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that forms a decentralized payment system. It was hard forked from Bitcoin on August 1, 2017.   During the fork, a bitcoin owner possessed the same number of Bitcoin Cash units.

Why has the Bitcoin Cash price increased so rampantly? Here are some key developments to be aware of:

  • Another Bitcoin Cash hard fork is going to occur on May 15.
  • The rise in demand for Bitcoin Cash occurred partially because Bitpay, a global bitcoin payment service provider, incorporated additional features in its merchant services solutions.
  • An additional security has been enabled for the coin through the use of new transaction signatures along with a difficulty adjustment algorithm.
  • Bitcoin Cash received a lot of infrastructure support from wallet providers and major exchanges after its hard fork last August.
  • A social media system known as Memo has been powered by Bitcoin Cash micro-transaction. This system lets its users follow various profile fields and maintain the stability of the content that is being shared through the use of BCH chain.
  • To sustain digital scarcity, the mining operation Antpool has announced to burn 12% of BCH. 
  • Compared to other blockchain networks, Bitcoin cash networks are cheaper—and that makes them quite enticing.

Before you invest your money in Bitcoin Cash, we wanted to want you that the unregulated cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Exercise caution before you place your bets—and be prepared to lose all your money!  

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