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Ethereum (ETH.X) price forecast: what to expect?

5:11 am ET, 26 May 2018

The criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Ethereum and other digital currencies brought down the price of Ethereum (ETH.X) to below $550.   

The investigation team will look into tactics like posting numerous fake orders to trick other traders into buying or selling at speed, and canceling orders after the price starts to move. 

This practice is outlawed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which calls it ‘spoofing’.  

Another tactic under investigation is wash trading. This involves a trader buying and selling to themselves to give the appearance of big activity in the markets — causing other traders to act while the seller incurs no financial risk. The Commodity Exchange Act passed in 1936 outlaws this practice.

ETH.X failed to stay above the $600.00 support and declined significantly.  The price even spiked below the $550.00 support and formed a new monthly low at $543.

Here are the key technical parameters to be aware of: 

  • Resistance levels: $600.00 and $625.00
  • Support levels: $550.00 and $520.00
  • The RSI is currently near the oversold levels.
  • The MACD is gaining momentum in the bearish zone.

Traders--exercise your caution. 

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Ethereum (ETH.X): the bull case

12:57 am ET, 07 May 2018

As we're entering another week of trading, we're shining the light on some of the recent developments around Ethereum (ETH.X) that shape investors' thinking and decisions about buying or selling this cryptocurrency.  

Some of the crypto celebrities made public statements about Ethereum, which are now resonating in investors' minds.   

The founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, remarked that he's the most bullish about Ethereum among all cryptocurrencies, because developers are actually building 'stuff' on it.  Ohanian acknowledged it is still early days for Ethereum, but there are applications such as CryptoKitties built on top of it (CryptoKitties is a game that allows users to purchase, breed and raise virtual cats--and the company behind it raised significant venture funding from top investors such as Andreessen Horowitz).  

One of the reasons why investors have been somewhat shy about Ethereum is its perceived lack of scalability.  However, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of this coin, is determined to change this.  

Sharding is coming, says Buterin.  Ethereum scaling will be improved through off-chain solutions, where some transactions will be handled off the blockchain and will only interact with it sparingly. The developers are also modifying the design of the parallelizability protocol, which is the root cause of many problems blockchain is facing.

Although we’re still in the early stages of Ethereum, the community is filled with some of the smartest minds in tech, and so many innovations are happening at the lightning speed.

Our outlook for next week is positive--we think that Ethereum will gain further and will exit the week with a position return. 

However, don't forget that any investment in crypto coins is a pure speculation. For a more comprehensive guide and some good crypto investment tips, please review our list of commonly asked questions. 

Ethereum Classic: how long will the bull run last?

1:25 am ET, 06 May 2018

Over the last 3 months, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) has swung widely--reaching the peak of $39, but also a bottom of $13. While this coin is on an uphill again, crypto investors are wondering, what is the price prediction for Ethereum Classic?

First, there are some good news about Ethereum Classic.  The Ethereum Classic Investment Trust was recently approved by FINRA for a public quotation (OTCQX: ETCG) on OTC Market’s OTCQX.  The Trust was founded in 2017 as a private and open-ended trust which holds Ethereum Classic (ETC). 

Second, Ethereum Classic (ETC), dubbed as the “real Ethereum”, recently released its Emerald Wallet which was very well received by developers building apps on the ETC platform. This comes at a time when Ethereum (ETH.X) is being increasingly challenged by lawmakers and also the times when there is a lot of infighting going on among ETH developers.

Ethereum Classic has a limited number of coins as opposed to Ethereum’s undefined number of coins. Technical analysts remark that ETC has one of the most favorable charts from an investment standpoint in the market right now. The ETC chart suggests that a bull run is expected to go through the end of May this year.  

However, don't forget that any investment in crypto coins is a pure speculation. For a more comprehensive guide and some good altcoin investment tips, please review our list of commonly asked questions.

Tronix prediction: why the price keeps creeping up

5:39 pm ET, 04 May 2018

Tronix (TRX.X) has been working hard to move into the field of institutional investing.  So far this coin has been very popular on retail exchanges such as Bitfinex and Binance.

The Tron team is pushing to be added to the platforms that serve institutional clients.  They hope to benefit from block trades that GDAX institutional clients have access to.  Also, there are some rumors that Tronix may be added to Gemini.

As we pointed in our previous post on Tronix, you should know that Tronix is a 9-month-old coin,  which introduced almost 3k nodes in under 2 weeks, a fairly impressive achievemnt.  

The fact that TRX is already able to challenge and in many ways beat Etherium has some investors running from the hilltops screaming: "take my child’s milk money".

If you visited the Reddit sub for Tronix,  you may be pretty surprised to see an extremely enthusiastic fanbase.  Being a Tronix fan feels like rooting for Boston Redsox for now. 

For the latest information on Tronix and its price, please visit Finstead (and type "TRX.X news" or "TRX.X price").  

For further guidance on investing in cryptos, read the Finstead Bitcoin investment guide

EOS: what's behind the bull run?

1:09 am ET, 29 Apr 2018

After the market recovered from the US tax deadline, EOS (EOS.X) price witnessed a continuous rise, reaching the level of $21 per coin, an all-time high.   

This is a phenomenally strong bull run. To get the latest price and news about EOS, please visit Finstead and type “EOS.X price” and “EOS.X news”.

So what exactly happened?   What's driving the bull run?

EOS is benefiting from a number of factors.  One of the reasons speculators are betting on EOS is Dan Larimer, who is leading EOS development efforts--and he also serves as CTO of BlockOne.

Crypto enthusiasts believe that Dan Larimer created an extraordinary altcoin.  EOS earned a plenty of supporters, who trust Larimer as some who led two ICOs already, Steemit and BitShares.

The crypto community believes that EOS can be a real competitor to Ethereum.

There are other factors helping EOS propel to new highs:

  • eToro has recently decided to offer this digital currency on its trading platform;
  • OK Blockchain Capital intends to invest $100 million in projects that leverage EOS.

Some speculators believe that EOS should have a higher market cap than  Ethereum.  This perception is fueling the demand, despite the fact that this coin is still considered unproven and experimental. 

Ethereum (ETH.X): will the bull run sustain?

4:26 pm ET, 24 Apr 2018

After the market recovered from the US tax deadline, Ethereum's (ETH.X) price witnessed a continuous rise, reaching the level of $706 per coin

This depicts strong signs of a bull run. For the latest price and news about Ethereum, please visit Finstead and type “ETH.X price” and “ETH.X news”.

The deadline for filing taxes in the US caused a huge sell-off of cryptocurrencies, causing Ethereum’s price drop. This is because crypto investors and speculators paid their capital gains taxes by raising money from cryptocurrency sales.

London Block Exchange has recorded a notable rise in cryptocurrency trading. It is being seriously considered by institutional investors (from hedge funds to pension funds). This remarkable rise in the Ethereum has left its creator Vitalik Buterin surprised as he had no long terms plans for its success.

Here are some developments you need to know about Ethereum:

  • Higher volumes of complex smart contracts now can be supported by Ethereum scale through the use of a newly designed protocol.
  • The security proofs implemented by the team enhanced the safety of Ethereum. This is because the security flaws are directly associated with the cryptocurrency's monetary value.
  • There are chances that Ether would be classified as a security which would subject it to more rigorous regulatory inspection.
  • There are plans to invest funds raised in space startup projects in the ether cryptocurrency.

No matter how alluring Ethereum may appear to you, investing in it is highly speculative. You may get a huge return, but also be prepared to lose all your money.

For further guidance on investing in cryptos, read the Finstead Bitcoin investment guide.

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