ParkByte (PKB.X): Buy The Dip?

6:06 pm ET, 23 Mar 2018

In today's cryptocurrency training, there are a number of coins that marked a double-digit loss.  10 altcoins lost over 30%--most of which are in the sub-penny range. 

We're focused on those cryptos that are in the penny-plus range and are highlighting those that have caught speculators' attention. 

The one 'loser' where there may be a mean-reversion trading opportunity is ParkByte (PKB.X). 

ParkByte is a cryptocurrency which big goal is to become a defacto method of payment for parking.  Its market cap is in the millions.  

The idea here is to give car park operators an efficient, easy-to-use platform for parking payments.  As such, ParkByte focuses on processing parking transactions.

Currently, parking can be paid via many ways, but there is not a crypto method yet.

Over the last 3 months, ParkByte lost more than 80% of its value. 

With the latest drop, there might be a mean reversion trade opportunity, perhaps for a short term.  Ready for a very risky value proposition? 


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