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Twitter (TWTR): How Will The Stock Price Move?

5:53 pm ET, 20 Mar 2018

Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) privacy issues have led to Twitter's (NYSE: TWTR) slump of over 10% today. This is because Twitter, as a social media company, derives revenue from ads, just like Facebook.

Its investors are obviously bothered by issues related to data security, corporate responsibility, as well as regulatory pressure. 

Investors perceive a change in the status quo of the social media companies.  Radical changes in the business models of Twitter, as well as Facebook, will become a necessity once users start deserting those social media empires (perhaps as a result of feeling frustrated about data breaches, such as the one that came from Cambridge Analytica).

The drop in Twitter's stock price is also attributed to the request made by the Israeli government for the removal of contents that spurred violence against the state

The Israeli government is even considering a legal action against Twitter, because of it failed to respond to the government's request. 

According to Finstead, Twitter has a negative price upside -21.73% (visit Finstead and type "TWTR upside").  Per Finstead research, the average price target is around $27.  

What are the prospects of the stock price rising? 

Twitter’s valuation ratio is relatively high compared to its peers (e.g., Zillow or JD).

If you’re a trader, there will be a point at which the stock will bounce back.  If you’re an investor, use your caution. 

Facebook (FB): Should You Buy The Stock Now?

6:31 am ET, 20 Mar 2018

The data incongruity issue has created a pressure on Facebook’s stock performance, which is down 6.79% in yesterday’s trading.  

Facebook is under huge pressure for letting the data company Cambridge Analytica acquire 50 million user profiles in the U.S., which the firm might have used to help Donald Trump in his election campaign.

The sell-off was instigated by a stipulation that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to violate its terms of service since the firm used the data acquired by user submissions for commercial purposes.

From our perspective, the market might have over-reacted, since this problem was detected early and it was well taken care of by Facebook’s management.  

Facebook knew about the violation and blocked the controversial Cambridge Analytics application in 2015. The internet giant also ensured that all data acquired illegally was permanently destroyed.  

It is questionable whether all of the data was actually erased.

So we think this may be a buying opportunity for long-term Facebook investors.Based on Finstead research, Facebook’s stock price upside is 30%.

It is clear that the Facebook leadership team is trying to do the right thing to ensure consumer confidence.  

How high can the stock price go? According to Finstead, the average price target is almost $223.

Even though Facebook’s valuation is fairly high compared to its peers (its P/E ratio lags only that of GOOGL, SINA and TWTR), we see a potential for stock price appreciation because of the company’s high revenue growth (visit Finstead and type “FB growth” to get a sense of how high it is).  

Do you think Facebook will bounce back?

Twitter's Hate Purge: Why Is The Stock Moving Up?

5:54 pm ET, 18 Dec 2017


Today we saw the impact of Twitter's (NYSE: TWTR) new rules for hate groups/speech on its stock price.  The stock rallied more than 11% by market close.  

Why did the stock move up?  Our hypothesis is that removing profiles that include hateful imagery and names is likely to appeal to advertisers.  

More than 2/3 of Twitter's revenue is driven by US and international advertising (roughly 50-50 mix).  

Below are key drivers of Twitter's value that present opportunities for Twitter's stock upside:

  • U.S. Ad Revenue Per 1,000 Timeline Views: While we had originally thought this metric would decline at least 10% in 2017 from $21 in 2016, there could be an upside now, given the new 'speech rules' Twitter just announced.  We think the Company will now be more likely to attract advertising spend from US advertisers. 
  • International Ad Revenue Per 1,000 Timeline Views: This metric was $3.45 in 2016. The hate speech purge will impact international revenue to a lesser extent.  Our initial projection is that this number will grow at least 15% year over year, as the Company ramps up its presence and sales efforts outside the US.  

Reputable Twitter investors have called on the Company to clean up its platform.  At one point, Chris Sacca said the proliferation of bots on the Twitter platform was "embarrassing", and so his firm sold the TWTR stock.

Over the last year, TWTR returned +32.53%. This return is higher than Technology sector (27.74%) and S&P 500 (19.14%) returns, but lower than Internet Information Providers industry (42.27%) return.

Based on Finstead Research, TWTR average analyst price target is $18.33 (visit Finbot and type "TWTR price target").

Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) Stock Guide

Updated at: 1:19 pm ET, 13 Jan 2021

Before we start: if you're looking for TWTR stock price, you can quickly find it out by visiting Finny and typing "TWTR quote". If you're looking for a quick scoop on TWTR stock (chart, price target, market cap, news and buy or sell analysis), go to Finny and look for "TWTR". You'll get all this info in one place. Or you can just type "TWTR news" to get the latest stock news.

Looking to buy or sell Twitter, Inc. (TWTR)? Interested in getting the full scoop on TWTR, including earnings and dividends, stock forecast, buy or sell analysis and key stats? If so, you came to the right place.

In this TWTR stock guide, we'll address key questions about TWTR, above and beyond what you can find on Yahoo Finance, Zacks, MarketWatch or Morningstar.

Here is what you'll be able to find in this guide:

Earnings and Dividends: earnings, earnings date, dividend rate and dividend yield;
Analysis: Finny Score and buy or sell analysis;
Key Stats: revenue, market cap, revenue growth, profit margin, P/E ratio, P/B ratio, industry, sector, and number of employees.

And here is the list of questions we'll answer:
1. What are TWTR earnings?
2. When is TWTR earnings date?
3. TWTR buy or sell? What is TWTR Finny Score?
4. What are the reasons to buy TWTR? Why should I buy TWTR stock?
5. What are the reasons to sell TWTR? Why should I sell TWTR stock?
6. What are TWTR key stats: revenue, market cap, revenue growth, profit margin, P/E ratio, P/B ratio industry, sector, and number of employees?

So let's start. Scroll down to the question that interests you the most.

Earnings and Dividends

1. What are TWTR earnings?

TWTR trailing 12-month earnings per share (EPS) is -$1.58.

2. When is TWTR earnings date?

TWTR earnings date is February 09, 2021.


3. TWTR buy or sell? What is TWTR Finny Score?

#{finnyScore:80}Our quantitative analysis shows 4 reasons to buy and 1 reason to sell TWTR, resulting in Finny Score of 80.

4. What are the reasons to buy TWTR? Why should I buy TWTR stock?

Here are the reasons to buy TWTR stock:

  • Twitter’s platform is attractive because of its openness, real-time content, conversational format and distribution ability. The platform’s greatest strength is its simplicity. The company increased character limits for tweets to 280 from 140 to let users express more in a tweet.
  • Under Jack Dorsey, the company is focusing on boosting user engagement levels and enhancing the product. The video content opportunity for Twitter could help the company grow at a double-digit rate again. Also, Twitter's revenue per user is high relative to other social networks and apps.
  • Twitter’s growth can partly be attributed to its successful acquisitions. To-date, the company has acquired over 50 companies that not only expanded its technology but also improved its software developer talent base.
  • Twitter prohibited all forms of political advertising on its platform--a move that some view will help the company in the long run (as opposed to maximizing short-term profit).
  • The company made a deal with the NFL to live-stream Thursday night games, so users can use Twitter to not only talk about games, but also watch them. This opportunity may prove to be significant--as other premium content providers could use Twitter in similar ways.
  • TWTR quarterly revenue growth was 13.70%, higher than the industry and sector average revenue growth (1.28% and 0.53%, respectively). See TWTR revenue growth chart.
  • TWTR profitability is improving. The YoY profit margin change was 13.64 percentage points. See TWTR profitability chart.
  • TWTR Price/Book ratio is 5.49, which is low compared to its industry peers’ P/B ratios. See TWTR forward Price/Book ratio chart.
  • TWTR cash to debt ratio is 1.77, higher than the average industry (0.17) and sector (0.17) cash to debt ratio. See TWTR cash to debt chart.

5. What are the reasons to sell TWTR? Why should I sell TWTR stock?

Let's look at the reasons to sell TWTR stock (i.e., the bear case):

  • The company relies on advertising for its revenue. Any downturn in the overall online ad space will have a significant impact on Twitter.
  • Increasing competition from Facebook, Snapchat, Weibo, and Pinterest pose a threat to Twitter. Facebook in particular is the competitor that Twitter fears the most, since it's constantly innovating. Also, Snapchat and Weibo are successful at attracting younger users and pose significant competition to Twitter, despite their relatively small size.
  • Twitter’s user growth is decelerating, so advertisers may allocate less of their budget toward ad placements on Twitter. Also, the company's continuing investments in product development, international expansion and sales & marketing will continue to negatively impact Twitter’s profitability in the near term.
  • TWTR PEG ratio (P/E adjusted for growth) is 4.08, which is high compared to its industry peers’ PEG ratios. See TWTR PEG chart.

Key Stats

6. What are TWTR key stats : revenue, market cap, revenue growth, profit margin, P/E ratio, P/B ratio industry, sector, and number of employees?

Let's look at the key statistics for TWTR:

Metrics TWTR
Price $45.18
Average Price Target / Upside N/A
Average Analyst Rating N/A
Forward Dividend Yield 0.00%
Industry Internet Content & Information
Sector Technology
Number of Employees 3,920
Market Cap $36.42B
Forward P/E Ratio 50.88
Price/Book Ratio 10.6
Revenue (TTM) $3.43B
YoY Quarterly Revenue Growth 13.70%
Profit Margin -36.07%

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