Investing in VeChain: the bull and the bear case (February 2019)

2:58 am ET, 03 Feb 2019

VeChain (VEN.X) is trading at 0.004$ with little movement in the last 24 hours. VeChain is presented as BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) project set to deliver a distributed and trusted business ecosystem, allowing for maximum transparency, efficient cooperation between companies and businesses, and high speed value transfer.  

When it comes to investing in VeChain, these are some frequently asked questions: 

  • Is VeChain currently a buy or a sell?
  • Should I sell or hold VeChain today?
  • Is VeChain good buy/investment opportunity?

Here are the reasons to buy VeChain (the bull case):

1. VeChain is one of the top cryptocurrency projects in terms of collaborating with various partners across different industries, as it has the greatest number of integrations and partnerships among its crypto peers. 

2. VeChain technology has already become a working product even before the announcement of VeChain Thor mainnet.  Many companies across various industries including pharmaceuticals, food, logistics, and agriculture, are using VET technology for tracking items though supply chain. 

Here are the reasons to sell VeChain (the bear case):

1. VeChain has stiff competition in the supply chain management and dApps sector, which puts additional pressure on its dev team.

2. Innovation, updates and upgrades take time on VeChain platform as VET is a complex, large-scale project.  

3. VeChain lost most of its value in the course of a single year, touching low lows and having a rough time rebounding against the fiat.

Over the last 30 days, VEN.X lost -8.6%, which is 16.87 percentage points lower than the 30-day return of Bitcoin (BTC.X).

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