What's a Digital Nomad Visa and Where Could You Go With One?

March 28, 2023
2 mins

Remote work’s rise to prominence is no secret. As of late 2022, 16% of global companies were operating as fully remote, and over half (56%) allowed remote work in some form or another. If you find yourself among the many in this increasingly common position, what do you do with that newfound flexibility?

The most common answer? Work from anywhere. But where to? Most countries limit passport holders to a 6-month stay, but a digital nomad visa could allow you to extend that stay. 

The details

  • What is a digital nomad visa? A digital nomad visa isn’t an official term, but it’s essentially a colloquial name for a new form of visa being offered by some countries. The visa allows remote workers who work for an employer outside of their host country, or are self-employed, to live and work in their country for a set period of time. Most of these programs are not a path toward citizenship, however. 
  • Some important notes: This sounds enticing, but it doesn’t come without requirements. A big thing here is finding a health insurance plan that will cover you where you’re staying, considering many U.S. or employer-sponsored plans don’t cover international expenses. And while every country is different, you can expect to be required to provide basic stuff like identification documents, evidence of your remote work, proof of insurance, finances, and even proof of a certain amount of income. 
  • Countries participating: There are presently 42 countries offering a digital nomad visa of some kind. Names on the list include places like Norway, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Malta, Taiwan, Seychelles, Greece, and more.
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