What's Rent-To-Own?

August 02, 2022
2 mins

When we think of housing, what most often comes to mind are the typical, and seemingly only, options available: renting or owning a home. 

In actuality though, there is a rare third option, and it’s called rent-to-own. 

Rent-to-own 101

  • The contract: Rent-to-own is essentially a two part contract—it’s a standard rental agreement with the option to buy the home before the lease expires. There are other variations too, like lease-option which gives you the option to purchase after the lease is up, and lease-purchase which requires you to buy when the lease comes due.
  • The money: You’ll pay your typical rent throughout the duration of the lease, but you’ll also pay a fee upfront for the option to buy, and it’s usually between 1-5% of the purchase price. In most cases, a portion of your rent will be allocated towards your potential down payment every month, and if so the amount will depend on the agreement between you and the landlord.
  • Risks: That one-time payment for the option to buy is a big loss if you don’t purchase, and leasing a property while also being required to maintain it in some instances isn’t so great either if you decide not to buy. Lease-purchase agreements can be their own nightmare to get out of in the event you can’t follow through as well.
  • Benefits: The main benefit of rent-to-own is that it gives the tenant the time they might need to get their finances together while also presenting them with the opportunity to become a homeowner eventually. The home may also appreciate in value between the time you sign the contract and when you eventually purchase it, starting you off with some equity.

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