With more covid variants, will we ever return to work as we know it?

November 26, 2021
2 mins

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta... lambda. What will we start naming the variants once Covid successfully mutates enough times for us to run through the Greek alphabet? But more importantly, will we ever work the same again? 

Remote and hybrid working environments were already a trend on the uptick before the pandemic hit, and as we already covered in the prior section, 2020 forced us into the future a bit earlier than expected. With the newfound acceptance and appreciation many of us now have for our new working situations, and the pandemic still unresolved, we might need to strap in.

So, let’s make the case for the new normal. And data is one of the best ways to say a lot with a little, so we'll get to the point.

  • Presence alone is not productive: The average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day while on the clock. Most tasks simply don’t take 8 hours—efficiency is more important than logging hours. 
  • Maybe time doesn’t equal money: Luxembourg is the #1 most productive country in the world with an average productivity per hour per person being approximately $71. The average hours worked per person there? Just 1.512. 
  • Per surveys by ConnectsSolutions, working remotely can increase productivity up to 77%: It makes sense. Without the monotony of having to deal with travel, variables, distractions, and all the stress involved with it all, it seems much simpler.  

And some more data...

  • Remote workers are 52% less likely to take time off
  • 86% of employees prefer to work alone
  • It takes an employee an average of 23 minutes to refocus after being distracted by in-house variables, which occur on average every few minutes


Data finds that approximately 37% of jobs in the US can be done completely remote, with significant local variations of course. Of course, 63% of jobs remain. Millions of people clock into their jobs every day to do work that is required to keep the country going, and we certainly acknowledge this. 

That being said, when we find ways to increase both our quality of life and productivity simultaneously, it’s an opportunity employers must jump on if they can. Cutting out all the metaphorical middlemen involved with office settings could lighten the load for workers, and it’s probably safe to say we’re never going back to what we considered normal just a couple years ago.

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