AADR is an ETF, whereas BARTX is a mutual fund. Below is the comparison between AADR and BARTX.

Security Type ETF Mutual fund
Segment Equity: Global Ex-U.S. - Total Market Growth N/A
Issuer AdvisorShares Beacon Investment Advisory
Net Assets $65.93M N/A
Expense Ratio 1.10% N/A
Management Style passive (index-based) passive
Dividend Yield 0.63% N/A
Minimum Investment N/A N/A
YTD Return -24.99% 21.81%
1-Year Return -8.81% 4.79%
3-Year Return -3.78% N/A
5-Year Return 1.43% N/A
10-Year Return N/A N/A

AADR description

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation above international benchmarks such as the MSCI EAFE Index and the BNY Mellon Classic ADR Index. The Fund selects a portfolio of U.S. traded securities of non-U.S. organizations, most often American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), included in the BNY Mellon Classic ADR Index.

AADR returns

YTD Return -24.99%
1-Month Return -20.17%
3-Month Return -25.85%
1-Year Return -8.81%
3-Year Return -3.78%
5-Year Return 1.43%
10-Year Return N/A
AADR expense ratio is 1.1%.

AADR holdings

Top 10 Holdings (38.23% of Total Assets)

Name Symbol % Assets
Galapagos NV ADR GLPG 5.47%
MercadoLibre Inc MELI.SA 3.94%
argenx SE ADR ARGX 3.79%
Cosan Ltd CZZ.SA 3.64%
WNS (Holdings) Ltd ADR WNS 3.48%
Gold Fields Ltd ADR GFI.JO 3.43%
Allegion PLC ALLE 3.26%
TAL Education Group ADR TAL 3.2%
Anglogold Ashanti Ltd ADR AU.JO 2.96%

BARTX description

The Fund seeks to deliver capital appreciation and generate positive alpha. The Fund seeks to outperform U.S. equity markets in modestly rising market environments, to capture most of the equity returns in strong bull markets, and to generate returns that approximate the U.S. equity markets in falling markets.

BARTX returns

YTD Return 21.81%
1-Month Return 2.22%
3-Month Return 1.92%
1-Year Return 4.79%
3-Year Return N/A
5-Year Return N/A
10-Year Return N/A
BARTX expense ratio is N/A.

BARTX holdings

Top 10 Holdings (94.12% of Total Assets)

Name Symbol % Assets
Call Xsp Sep 0.010000 09/13/2019 N/A 11.71%
Call Xsp Jul 0.010000 07/12/2019 N/A 10.52%
Call Xsp Aug 0.010000 08/14/2019 N/A 10.38%
Call Xsp Oct 0.010000 10/14/2019 N/A 10.35%
Call Xsp Mar 0.010000 03/13/2020 N/A 9.68%
Call Xsp Nov 0.010000 11/14/2019 N/A 8.76%
Call Xsp Dec 0.010000 12/13/2019 N/A 8.5%
Call Xsp Jan 0.010000 01/14/2020 N/A 8.49%
Call Xsp Apr 0.010000 04/14/2020 N/A 8.46%
Call Xsp Feb 0.010000 02/14/2020 N/A 7.27%
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