Budgeting & Saving / Any and all ideas to stick with budget?
Jun 14, 2022
Any and all ideas to stick with budget?
I'm not sticking to my budget but I really should now more than ever. How do you stick with it? Any tips here would be most appreciated.
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Make Your Budget Stick
Budgeting & Saving
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Jun 14, 2022
@Lou376, What aspect are you having the most trouble with? Ask someone you trust to check in on you every now and then (2 weeks, 1 month) about it.
Jun 14, 2022
@Lou376, Start with one thing that's really costly and nail it. For me and my family cooking at home has done wonders with our budget. Our grocery prices have gone up a little bit with inflation up but I'm sure prices for dining out have gone up a lot more. Plus cooking at home tastes so much better too.