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Crypto & NFTs / Crypto for my Roth IRA
Nov 19, 2021
Crypto for my Roth IRA
Hello, I'm wondering what crypto funds or stocks are available to buy in my Roth IRA. My account is with Fidelity, I'm 34 and hoping someone here has some ideas. I'm looking to buy a small amount to start. Many thanks!
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Nov 19, 2021
@Jenn122, Have you considered a particular area within crypto? You can go the way of single names like Coinbase or you can buy funds whether it is on the tech side (blockchain) or crypto itself like bitcoin futures. Check out ETFdb or See them below:
Nov 19, 2021
@Jenn122, I think a crypto related ETF is probably a good idea if you wanted to start and going to an ETF database that you can research is a good start. Fidelity should have some great research on them and if not go to an ETF only research site like I would stay away from the Bitcoin futures ETFs because it's the futures contract of the real thing, so why not just get the real thing. But if you want to dabble and get some indirect access, I think doing it the way you are thinking is a way to derisk it. I haven't personally dabbled in it as I'm in 3 ETFs for my entire portfolio. Why for your Roth IRA? Do you have other account options?
Nov 28, 2021
@Jenn122, Might be worth looking into blockchain funds to start. It's the underlying tech enabling crypto. There are other possible uses of blockchain so that might be a good way to start. Understand the holding if you go this way.