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Mar 09, 2023
Home warranty
I own a home that's nearly a hundred years old. There have been some renovations done to it by previous owner. The thing is that I've been seeing ads for home warranties, and it's got me wondering if it could be useful? Does anyone have any experience or is this just a total waste?
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Mar 09, 2023
@Karen47C, correct me if I'm wrong but these home warranties usually only cover appliances as far as I'm aware. So the age of the home doesn't really matter. I've heard that the reimbursement for repair is usually too small given the total cost to repair.
Mar 09, 2023
@TrinX0G, For the warranty you pay an annual fee and a service fee for each claim and you are then financially covered in case any covered item breaks down from normal wear and tear. I can speak from experience. Wasn't worth it for me. When my washer and dryer broke down it only covered $100.
Mar 09, 2023
@Karen47C, many home sellers include it for a year when they sell their home as incentive. That's probably the only way it's worth it to be honest!
Mar 10, 2023
@Karen47C, I couldn't agree more about the comment that more and more sellers are offering it for 1 year. A few other thoughts on this from me: - usually there are various "tiers" of coverage - the lowest usually covers heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing systems, with higher tiers offering coverage to include kitchen/laundry appliances and the highest often offering roof replacement and such on top of the coverage of lower tiers - Usually these contracts or annual and you pay between $400 - $700 depending on the tier you get. But usually there is a deductible for every claim of between $75 - $150. So you'd need to shell out the deductible for each claim made. - If you think it's worth it, map out all the major home appliance and system costs you expect over the next year and how much you'd need to fix or replace them. Budget some $$ to unexpected too - your best guess. Hoping that these all help!