Investing / How often are you all checking your accounts? What's too much?
Apr 19, 2022
How often are you all checking your accounts? What's too much?
I don't consider myself a newbie investor. With all the market ups and downs though I've resorted to checking my investment account balances like 4 times a day. Not good as I've now stopped myself from making impulse decisions a few times already in the last week. How much is too much monitoring? Any good ideas to obsess less? 🤷 Thanks
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Apr 19, 2022
@StanSBM, I'm probably checking once a day at most. For one, delete your broker's app on your mobile phone - that means, no notifications or pings and thus fewer urges to check! Then on your desktop, you can also set it to clear cookies everytime you exit your broker's website, so it doesn't save your login info to make it harder for you to login :) Just some ideas!
Apr 19, 2022
@StanSBM, Other than not looking at your apps and logging in, do you think your investments are too risky? If it's partly that, then I'd reallocate or totally think about your investment goals first. How long do you plan to invest? How much are you willing to risk if the market tanks? What are you most comfortable with?
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May 07, 2022
@StanSBM, I personally have been checking daily and probably not a good idea but can't help it myself. However I don't sell and have an accountability partner to keep me in check on that.
May 13, 2022
@John971, I like that idea of selecting someone to hold you accountable. Smart.