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Investing / What's your investment allocation?
Oct 31, 2021
What's your investment allocation?
I'm 80% equities (15% of that is international rest is US), 20% bonds. I'm in my late 30s with a family too. Only asking to see what others are doing and why - I'm looking to see how others are allocated because I'm also thinking to add some other investments like REITs and other alternatives. Thanks in advance for sharing.
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Nov 01, 2021
@Jenny995, I'm 90% equities and 10% cash. Saving up to buy a home one day 😌 which will totally skew my allocation but in a good way I hope.
Nov 01, 2021
@Jenny995, I'm interested in knowing this too. It works be helpful to know age, job, location even if willing to share. I'm 70% invested (80 equities/20 bonds), 30% cash. It's pretty conservative and I've come a long way from being more than half in cash). In my 30s with a nice paying job (80K) with few debts.
Nov 03, 2021
@Jenny995, I'm really skewed and it's bad. Getting myself organized. I bought some single names this year but also have some funds that inflated, so I need to adjust but have to be careful not to get dinged on taxes. I'm around 85% equities but too much of that is in single names! Following this one.
Nov 09, 2021
@Jenny995, I'm 70/30, single and I consider that pretty conservative for my age and situation.
Nov 21, 2021
@Jenny995, 100% stock funds with my investments. But on the other hand I also have abt 5 months of expenses in cash. Fwiw I'm 32 but don't anticipate selling my investments until I really need to and it is not earmarked for anything right now.