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Investing / Which stocks to sell when you need money?
Aug 16, 2021
Which stocks to sell when you need money?
Assume you need money but most to all of it is tied up in your investments. Which ones would you sell off first? I've sold Apple shares in the past at around $114 and then they kept going up which gave me heartburn. I know I shouldn't tie up so much money in investments but what's done is done.
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Aug 16, 2021
You've probably heard that having a rainy day savings of at least a few months worth of expenses is good planning - and I couldn't agree more! Second, I'd probably look first at the tax impact to help me decide which stocks or investments to sell.
Aug 16, 2021
All else being equal, if it were me, I would sell the stock with the lowest tax impact.
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Capital Gains & Losses
5 min
Aug 16, 2021
Tax impact for sure. If I'm in a higher tax bracket today than in the future (say retirement), I'd sell stocks with the lowest tax impact considering cap gains, but if I'm in a lower tax bracket today than in the future, sell stocks with the highest gain :)
Oct 27, 2021
@Whitney974, Thanks for all your opinions on this. All pointing to tax.