What is Finny?

Finny is a finance education and coaching app that was born out of our own experiences of losing money. We thought we were smart because we knew a thing or two, but we quickly learned that we were not financially fit to make the finance decisions we made before the last recession.

There is too much junk and clutter on the web to make any real sense of how to manage your money. And not everyone feels that professional advice is worth what you pay for it. 75% of Americans say that they are winging it when it comes to their financial future. The risk of not educating yourself on such an important aspect of life is too high!

Our goal is to help you answer your money questions and also become a reliable resource you can use to educate yourself so that you’re not winging it when it comes to your financial health and wellness. We’re on a mission to provide simple tools, guides, and on-the-spot answers to fulfill this gap, and give you the insights you need to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

How do I use Finny?

At Finny, you can ask us any question about finance and investing. Simply use the ask bar to ask your question. What happens next is, Finny, our bot will try to answer it. If Finny doesn’t know the answer, our human professionals – we call them Finny Coaches – will step in.

You can ask any question anonymously, so feel free to ask about your personal financial matters. As a principle, we don’t disclose the identity of the person who asked a question.

We’re also building tools and guides to help you navigate finance and investing. You can see those tools and guides on the main menu at AskFinny.com. Please visit this web page frequently because we’re launching cool new tools and guides every week.

Who is Finny?

Finny is our AI-powered bot that works hard to answer any finance or investment question you have. It’s getting smarter every day through the investments we make in the technology and the community of users and coaches who contribute.

We also feed Finny superfoods :-)

What is the Gist?

The Gist is our newsletter where we share with you actionable money management and investment tips that could impact your financial decisions. The Gist typically comprises the most insightful questions and answers from our community members.

I have a feature request. How do I submit it?

Please send us an email and tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

How much does Finny cost?

The basic version is free. You can access all premium content, guides and tools, and get on-demand answers by Finny Coaches for $8.25 per month (charged annually).

Tell me about your company and your team.

We’re a team of fun-loving problem solvers, geeks, and experts in personal finance, investing, software engineering and artificial intelligence. Find out more about our mission and goals by visiting our About Us page.

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