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What does Finny offer?

Finny offers a game-based, personalized financial education web-app for FREE! Once you set your preferences, Finny will guide you through a learning path tailored just for you. As you learn, you earn Dibs – Finny’s virtual currency – that you can redeem for rewards.

Join the community of others like you who are building their personal finance skills and having fun.

Who is Finny?

Finny is our super friendly, approachable, and smart resident personal finance expert. Whether you’re learning or using our tools, personal finance doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating because Finny’s here to help you at every step of your learning journey. 

Now the question is this: is Finny a button-nose dolphin, a shark, a species of the robotic-kind, or entirely something else? 

What are Dibs and how do I earn them?

The virtual currency in Finny’s underwater world is the Dib. It looks like a shiny gold coin – just the kind you’d expect to see underwater!

You earn Dibs by answering Learn questions correctly as well as checking out partner offers within our Rewards marketplace. You may also be fortunate enough to be gifted Dibs by others. For example, if you posted or replied within Discussions in a way that others found helpful and insightful, they may choose to gift some of their Dibs to you.

Finally, you can redeem Dibs by entering Finny giveaways, getting new skins for Finny, and more!

What are Finny’s community guidelines?

Finny's Community Guidelines

1. Always treat people respectfully. Personal attacks, bullying, or harassment will not be tolerated. We’re coming together on Finny with a common goal to learn, so our general rule of thumb is to treat people on Finny the way you’d want to be treated in real life. Being helpful and supportive is what being part of this community is about.

2. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful conduct. Your account will immediately be suspended if you promote violence, or attack or threaten others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, or disability. This policy extends to all content and conduct on Finny, including discussion posts, replies, comments, and profiles.

3. Finny is not intended for self-promotion or personal brand building. It's ok to contribute articles you've written or to offer your services, as long as your primary goal is to be helpful to others and add value to the Finny community.

4. Please treat the information on member profiles with respect and privacy; do not scrape member information (manually or with scripts), and do not solicit, advertise, market, or send promotional materials to community members.

5. Do not deliberately disrupt the community. This includes spamming or impersonating of any kind.

6. No XXX whatsoever.

7. At Finny, we believe in honest learning. Do not script for the purposes of cheating or sharing information and instructions about using Finny in a way that may impact the system, community, learning, data, or experience in a negative or significant manner.

8. Keep it legal and avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions.

We always have the right to remove you from Finny. For example, you might be removed if you don't follow any one of these guidelines. By following these guidelines, we will all contribute to a helpful learning community!

Who are Finny Coaches & what do they do?

Finny coaches are professional financial coaches and financial planners who've dedicated their careers to helping clients reach their financial goals. Coaches will have a special pink "Coach" badge on their avatar.

We have selected a small number of professionals who are on the same mission-driven path as Finny to be a Coach on Finny. You will see them contributing to the community by responding to some of your personal finance questions within the Discussion forums.

Coaches are not employees of Finny and are required to apply to have a "Coach" badge designation. We have a selection process in determining which professionals can be a Coach on Finny.

If you’ve found a particular Coach’s responses consistently resourceful and you would like to explore 1:1 coaching or advice, you are welcome to reach out to them through the links and resources they’ve listed on their profile page.

For FAQs for Coaches, please follow this link.

Does learning on Finny ever end?

There is no end to the personal finance topics you can learn about on Finny. Learning about personal finance is endless thanks to the dynamic landscape.

At Finny, we’re building the content in-house and are working hard to deliver as many relevant and bite-sized bubbles or lessons to you. If you have any ideas for topics, please share them with us.

Can I change my username?

Of course you can! You can edit your auto-generated username within your Profile as long as it’s 6 characters long and not already taken.

Your username is used as your identity on Finny when:

• you post discussion topics

• reply to posts within discussions

• you follow members in the Finny community

• members follow you on Finny

Is there a Finny mobile app?

We don’t have a mobile app right now, but we do plan to build a mobile app in the future. In the meantime, our website is mobile-friendly and works on all devices.

How can I give feedback?

We're super appreciative of any feedback you can give us. And pretty much about anything, anytime.

You can send us feedback directly from the yellow submarine (i.e., control team) in Learn or you can send us an email to!

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