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Finnyvest provides unbiased, data-driven stock & fund analyses, comparisons and insights for just $100/year (equivalent to $8.33/month).

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What’s included in the Finnyvest subscription?

Unbiased Stock & Fund Analysis

Looking for an unbiased, data-driven analysis of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs? At Finnyvest, you'll find the bull and the bear case for just about any US stock or fund, as well as Finny Score, a gauge that reflects the balance of positives and negatives of a single stock or fund.

Simplified Investment Research

Are you looking to compare ETFs and mutual funds? Or searching for better alternatives to stocks or funds that are on your mind? Finnyvest has a number of simplified investing research tools that allow you to compare investments side by side and help you make the right decision.

Investment Insights and Ideas

Looking for investment insights and ideas for future investments? Try Finny Score stock and fund screeners, as well as other Popular Tools on Finnyvest. When in doubt, turn to the Finny community, post a question on the Discussions forum, and find out what everyone else has to say.

Is Finnyvest right for you?

Michelle S.

"I don’t have a financial advisor and I use Finnyvest to do my own stock and mutual fund research. I previously only used free tools to research my target investments, but most of them are cluttered with too many data points... Finnyvest is simple to use and cuts to the chase."


Mac T.

"I use Finnyvest to research stock investments. I'm a DIYer and it’s a simple starting point for my research. Finny Score, the bull and the bear case are exactly what I need to know before making a decision. I also use the Comparables tool to look for stocks similar to the ones I already own."


Shawn W.

"I use Finnyvest to come up with investment ideas—I look for stocks with high Finny Scores. Finny Score is a simple rules-based indicator that tells you whether a stock has more positives or negatives quantitative stats. You can screen stocks by Finny Score and sector, and find your investment candidates that way.”


Celeste M.

“I use Finnyvest to analyze and compare my investments and educate myself. My favorite tool is the Comparison tool, which allows me to compare ETFs and mutual funds I'm thinking about buying. Comparing different funds side by side is critical for me—that way I can figure out which fund is the best one for me.”

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How does the trial work?

Start your 7-day free trial by signing up for an annual subscription plan. You are under no obligation to stay subscribed, and will not be charged until the free 7-day trial is over. During the first seven days, you can use Finnyvest as much as you'd like. If the subscription is not right for you, you can cancel it any time before the free 7-day trial period is over.

Can I switch between a yearly and monthly subscription?

It isn’t possible to switch between the yearly and the monthly plan, but you can subscribe to a different plan as soon as your current subscription is up.

Can I cancel during my trial or subscription?

You can cancel your Finnyvest trial or paid subscription on the Subscription tab. Click on your avatar, look for Account in the dropdown, and then click on Subscription. If you cancel the service during the trial period, you will not be charged.

What's included in the Finnyvest subscription?


With a Finnyvest subscription you get unbiased, rules-based stock & fund analyses, proprietary investing tools (e.g., Comparisons and Comparables), and stock and fund screeners (e.g., Finny Score Screener), all in an ad-free format.

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