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Should I rebalance my portfolio when the stock market crashes?

In most cases, rabalancing your portfolio should not be triggered by a stock market crash. If you have sufficient time until retirement (or some other life goal), you might as well ride out the market cycles. Volatility is a given in investing.

What’s included in the Finny Premium plan?


Money Guides

Seeking the best path to your financial freedom? Save enough for the future and not lose what you already have? Money Guides are a tremendous resource for you to use.


Simple Investing Tools

Looking for a way to simplify and explain investing and securities? We have simple tools that will help you get the scoop on and compare stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, and also get investment ideas.


Investment Insights

Get insights about your investments. We're constantly crunching the data and giving you the nuggets of knowledge you need to make your next financial decision.

Is Finny Premium right for you?

Michelle S.

"I don’t have a financial advisor and I use Finny Premium to basically get key information for managing my investments. I previously used a free finance app, but I found it too cluttered, and it was hard for me to separate the signal from the noise."


Mac T.

"I use Finny Premium for my stock and ETF investments. It’s the starting point of my research. The bull and bear case analysis for stocks is exactly what I need to know before buying a stock. I also like the compare tool, which helps me figure out which ETF (or mutual fund) to choose."


Shawn W.

"Investing is somewhat new to me. I use Finny Premium to learn how to invest. I can ask any question, plus stock and mutual fund research is awesome--Finny cuts to the chase like no other financial site! I also ask questions on Finny when I don't understand things (or to get a perspective on stocks and funds I'm contemplating).”


Celeste M.

“To be honest, I'm not super savvy when it comes to money and investing, so I use Finny Premium to educate myself through money guides, learn about investing and ask experts when I need help. On-demand Q&A is hard to beat. Finny helps me invest in my family's future!"

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Plans & Pricing FAQs
How does the trial work?

Start your free 7-day trial by signing up for a Finny Premium yearly plan. You are under no obligation to stay subscribed, and will not be charged until the free 7-day trial is over. During the first seven days, you can use Finny simple investing tools and money guides, and ask us as many questions as you’d like. If Finny Premium is not right for you, you can cancel it any time before the free 7-day trial period is over.

Can I switch between a yearly and monthly subscription?

It isn’t possible to switch between yearly and monthly plans, but you can subscribe to a different plan as soon as your current subscription is up.

Can I cancel during my trial or subscription?

You can cancel your trial or subscription on the Subscription tab. Click on your avatar, and you'll find it in the dropdown. If you cancel Finny Premium during the trial period, you will not be charged.

What's included in the Premium plan?

With Premium, you get quality money guides to manage your personal finances, premium investing tools (e.g., Quick Take and Compare Wizard for single security analysis, along with a number of stock, mutual fund and ETF screeners), and investment insights delivered to your mailbox.

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