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Build good money habits, take better advantage of your work benefits, and be financially well through Finny's app for Slack.

Finny's App for Slack: Overview

Finny’s Pick of the Day

Finny’s Pick of the Day is a lesson or a bite-sized story (i.e., Bite) covering personal finance insights or relevant market events. This is how we keep you in the loop on what's happening in the world of money!

Lessons, Bites and discussions

The Finny experience doesn't end with our app for Slack. We also link out to Finny’s site, where you can check out financial insights, take lessons on various money topics, and ask your personal finance questions.

Your bookmarks

"Save for later" enables you to save a daily lesson or a Bite for later and consume it when you have time. It’s our own version of bookmarking. If a lesson or a Bite is no longer relevant to you, you can remove it from the Saved Items List.

Set up Finny's App for Slack

Step 1.

Install Finny's App for Slack by clicking the Add to Slack button.

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Step 2.

Sign up for Finny’s web app to experience everything that Finny offers.

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Step 3.

Get in touch with Finny’s team if you want to enable it for your entire company.

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If you want to enable Finny for your entire company or team, please share your contact information and we'll reach out to you soon. We look forward to learning more about you!
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Finny empowers employees of all backgrounds, and their families, to become financially educated so they can make better, more confident money decisions.

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