Cardano (ADA.X)
Cardano (ADA.X)
Cardano price analysis: the bull and the bear case (January 2019)
Is Cardano currently a buy or a sell? Should I sell or hold Cardano today? Is Cardano a good buy/investment opportunity?
Cardano's price analysis, prediction and key things you should know
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.04, up 1.45% from yesterday after the big Thanksgiving dip. A sharp fall in Carano's price occurred after it dropped below the $0.065 support level measured against the US Dollar. The bearish trend line still prevails: the moving average theory suggests that Cardano is not a good trade at this point in time.
Cardano's plunge: price analysis, forecast and key things you should know
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.06, down 17% from yesterday. This signals a major bearish trend, instigated by a speculation that SEC is ready to target dubious crypto projects.
Cardano (ADA.X) price: will the bullish trend resume?
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.08 and is now in the bullish zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. On the ADA/USD pair's hourly chart, there is a key bullish trendline with a support level of $0.07. What is Cardano's price forecast? What should investors know about Cardano?
Is Cardano catching up with Ethereum?
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.08, down 12% from yesterday. What is Cardano's price prediction? What news should Cardano investors and traders be aware of?
Cardano price speculation: an overpowering bearish trend, despite future prospects
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.13, down by 4.63% from yesterday. On the hourly ADA.X chart, we notice a crucial bearish trend line with a resistance level at $0.125. What do investors speculate about its price?
Cardano's rally: substantiating serious potential for the cryptocurrency
The ADA network is in its early stages and its features are not yet fully operational yet. This makes it difficult to fully understand Cardano's valuation (overvalued or undervalued? -- we don't comment on this). What we've noticed is that any price rise generally correlates with a launch of decentralized applications and services on its platform.
Cardano (ADA.X): will it break to new highs?
Cardano is currently trading around its 90-day high, so speculators are wondering whether its price will increase much further beyond the current level?