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You’ve probably heard of Yield farming as it’s currently the craze these days. From $YFI, $SUSHI, $CREAM, $YAM, $KIMCHI, and so much many more. Not a day goes by without another yield farming token…
Exoprise Opens Ignite 2020 with Digital Experience Monitoring for Microsoft 365
WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Exoprise, the leading provider of monitoring for Office 365, Salesforce, and SaaS applications, announced 'Service Watch Desktop' for Microsoft 365 at the virtual Microsoft Ignite 2020 event. As distributed work continues to dominate the…
Salesforce wants to help your salespeople work from home better
Selling during Covid-19 helps Salesforce to develop new features to help tackle remote working.
Time is running out to register to vote. Register now before it's too late.
Summary List Placement Table of Contents: Static Tuesday, September 22 is National Voter Registration Day, and voter registration deadlines for the November 3 presidential election are already coming up in over a dozen states. Every US state except for North Dakota requires citizens to properly registered to vote with their state and county election officials in order to cast a ballot. In North Dakota, voters are required to present identification proving their residency in the state at the polls to cast a ballot. You must be 18 years of age on Election Day and a US citizen to be eligible to vote anywhere in the United States. On your voter registration form, you'll have to provide both your date of birth and address and either your driver's license or state ID card number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number. National Voter Registration Day will look a little different in the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren Kunis, the program director for National Voter Registration Day , told Insider that the group and its hundreds of corporate and nonprofit partner organizations are aiming to break their previous all-time record set in 2018 and register over 865,000 voters today alone, pandemic or bust. "When the pandemic hit, we still felt confident about our ability to have an impact," Kunis said. "If anything, the need for our work was even more urgent, because COVID-19 has had a very dramatic effect on voter registration levels nationwide.
An SMB today could be a unicorn tomorrow: Salesforce's Arundhati Bhattacharya
According to Zinnov research, in 2019, SMBs offered a massive $30-billion digital opportunity, only 53% of which was tapped by players in the ecosystem. This opportunity is set to grow even further
This startup founder has raised $75 million with a one-slide pitch deck. Here's why he thinks that's a winning strategy.
Summary List Placement Many startup founders spend hours belaboring their pitch decks, trying to come up with the right combination and order of slides and information to attract investors. Not so Michael Litt. His investor presentation is just one slide. But to Litt, that slide, which features a chart illustrating his company's actual and projected annual recurring revenue, is the only one that matters. And investors seem to agree. Using that chart, Litt has been able to raise $75 million in funding for his company, Vidyard, across a seed round, three venture rounds, and a debt financing round. "Every single time we've approached [fundraising] using this strategy, an investor has decided to ultimately write a check or issue a term sheet," Litt told Business Insider in an interview Monday. It's helped that Vidyard has had a compelling chart to show. The Canadian startup, which offers software tools that allow companies to easily create, post, and share videos, has posted steadily increasing revenue growth and has a strategy — sketched out on the slide — to further boost its results.
Big Comeback For Apple, Netflix, And Other Big Tech Names Softens Some Of The Pain
A rally in the wilting Tech sector prevented a complete Monday washout. Still, at the end of the day, the week is off to a rough start as concerns about the virus, politics, and banks ganged up on most of Wall Street. That turnaround in Tech does raise some hopes going into Tuesday. Consider keeping an eye on futures trading overnight to get a sense of whether any of that strength can flow into tomorrow’s open. Having the Nasdaq (COMP) go positive at one point in the last few minutes was quite a statement, even if COMP couldn’t hold those gains at the close. The area the market depended on so much during the long rally (Tech) came back, with stocks like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ), Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX ), QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM ), and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT ) all having nice days. On the other end, Financials continue to get beat up. They’re deep in the red, and Industrials got hammered too. Most of the big banks fell 3%, and industrials like Honeywell International Inc (NYSE: HON ), Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT ), and Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT ) all finished sharply lower amid fears of the virus spreading in Europe.
CREAM Finance Burns 67% of Its Total Supply Today
CREAM Finance announced a massive token burn. The price of CREAM suddenly skyrocketed following the news. The post CREAM Finance Burns 67% of Its Total Supply Today appeared first on CryptoPotato .
Major US companies are joining a crusade to give workers time off to vote on Nov. 3. From Apple to Salesforce, here are all the tech companies that are onboard.
Summary List Placement As Election Day approaches, the challenges that come with trying to cast a ballot in the US are becoming more apparent. Even in pre-pandemic times, US voter turnout was low . This year, the coronavirus pandemic will make voting even more challenging, with the US facing a potential shortage of poll workers and many voters nervous about voting by mail. Now, corporate America is responding in order to help increase voter turnout. Hundreds of major firms have instituted new policies in order to encourage their workers to vote, or to help out at their local polling places. Many of these companies have joined the "Time To Vote" movement , an organization whose goal is to increase voter turnout by making it easier for US workers to find time to vote. Retail companies have led the way in encouraging their employees to become poll workers, and now tech companies are responding in kind. From Salesforce to Apple, here are all the tech companies so far who are changing their policies around Election Day.
Susan Marshall of Torchlite: Demand for Certified Salesforce Freelancers Increased During Pandemic
Brent Leary has a one-one-one interview with Susan Marshall of Torchlite talks about the recent uptick in demand for Salesforce Certified freelancers. (CRM) earnings: expect 23% revenue growth (CRM) is announcing earnings on June 04, 2019. What should you expect? (CRM) earnings: is the sell-off over? Inc (CRM) shares are trading at $122.03, down 1%. The company is announcing its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday after the market close. What's driving CRM stock price? What's CRM stock price forecast? (CRM) stock: what's the sentiment?
What's driving CRM stock price? What's CRM stock price forecast?
Box (BOX) stock: not-so-profitable growth
Box, Inc. (BOX) shares are trading at $26.05, prior to the earnings today. What should investors be aware of--and what will the market be watching out for in the upcoming earnings?
Splunk (SPLK) price forecast: what can you expect now?
Splunk is down 3% post-earnings release. What can you expect from the SPLK stock price now? (CRM): Is Acquiring MuleSoft (MULE) A Dumb Move?
The acquisition of Mule Soft by Salesforce for around $6.5 billion is the largest in Salesforce’s history. Is this a dumb money move? Sales Cloud Defying Gravity
Salesforce’s oldest product, Sales Cloud, continues to enjoy reaccelerated growth. Find out why!
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