Investing in EOS: the bull and the bear case (January 2019)
Is EOS currently a buy or a sell? Should I sell or hold EOS today, if I purchased it 3 months ago? Is EOS a good buy/investment opportunity?
EOS price analysis, forecast and news bites
EOS (EOS.X) is trading at $5.63, up 3.78% from yesterday. There is a steady uptrend in EOS price, breaking the key resistance level of $5.60. Currently, the EOS-USD pair is in the positive zone; there are some hopes that the price will accelerate towards the $6.00 level. What news should EOS investors be aware of?
EOS price: what do the bulls say?
EOS (EOS.X) is trading at $5.23, flat vs. yesterday. EOS price is well supported above the $5.00 level against the US Dollar. A break in the key bearish trend line shows resistance at $5.65. What is EOS price forecast?
EOS: what do the bulls and the bears say?
EOS (EOS.X) price has been on an upswing lately. With a renewed interest in the cryptocurrency, consumers are starting to think about investing in it again. Here are the questions we frequently get about EOS as an investment (or a trading) opportunity...
EOS price: are hackers driving it down?
EOS (EOS.X) is trading at $4.95, down 1% from yesterday. Its price is on a downtrend, reversing the gains from late August and the beginning of September. The fall in EOS price led to a decrease in its market cap to about $5.4B which is 2.4% of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.
EOS: will the bearish trend continue?
EOS (EOS.X) is trading at $4.98, down 5% from yesterday. The break of short-term support zones in EOS price has paved way for more declines, which means we are still in the sell-off mode.
11 best cryptocurrencies for August 2018
After a significant dip in the second quarter of 2018, cryptocurrencies are becoming popular again among retail investors, appearing in the mainstream media headlines every day. There are a few cryptocurrencies that have grabbed investors' attention. What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in August this year?
EOS: what's the price prediction for the near-term?
EOS (EOS.X) is trading at $7.18, down 5% from yesterday. After reaching a high near $9.00, the price of EOS declined against the US Dollar, reaching this week's low. What is EOS price forecast, i.e., prediction?
EOS and Ethereum (ETH): where are they headed?
Two cryptocurrencies that are increasingly being compared to one another are EOS and Ethereum. Ethereum has the history and longevity, and has been widely viewed as one of the most promising cryptocurrency investments. But recently, EOS has been gaining momentum on Ethereum.
Are hacking issues alone responsible for cryptocurrency price drop today?
Cryptos are down today. The obvious question is, why did the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum remain relatively more stable than the price of other virtual currencies?
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS: who's winning and who's losing?
As the crypto market gains more mainstream popularity, one thing is apparent--increasingly more altcoins are gaining in status, relative to the (still) most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Among the following cryptocurrencies--Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS--who's winning and why?
EOS price: what's going on?
EOS (EOS.X) is trading almost 7% down at the time of this writing. What is happening and what is the EOS price prediction?
Top 3 cryptocurrencies to invest in for May 2018
As we're entering the month of May, we are sharing with you our insights on the best cryptocurrencies to speculate on in May 2018.
EOS: what's behind the bull run?
After the market recovered from the US tax deadline, EOS (EOS.X) price witnessed a continuous rise, reaching the level of $21 per coin, an all-time high. What's driving the bull run?