Ethereum (ETH.X)
Ethereum (ETH.X)
Ethereum (ETH.X)
Ethereum (ETH.X) price: the bull and the bear case
Ethereum has been on an downswing lately: speculators and investors are watching it closely, wondering whether now may be a good time to invest in it. Or maybe not.
Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) price: the bull and the bear case (February 2019)
Is Ethereum Classic currently a buy or a sell? Should I sell or hold Ethereum Classic today? Is Ethereum Classic a good buy/investment opportunity?
Investing in Ethereum (ETH.X): the bull and the bear case (January 2019)
Is Ethereum currently a buy or a sell? Here is the bull case and the bear case.
Ethereum and Bitcoin panic selling: what's next?
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $134, down -14% from yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC.X) is trading at $4,481, down -15% from yesterday. On the hourly charts for the ETH/USD and BTC/USD pairs, there is a visible a bearish trend line. What is the price prediction for those two cryptocurrencies?
Ethereum: price analysis, prediction and news bites
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $214.38, down 3% from yesterday. The ETH/USD pair is in the bullish zone. What's causing renewed interest in Ethereum, and what news should investors be aware of?
Bitcoin price analysis and news bites for November 2
Bitcoin (BTC.X) is trading at $6,375.77, up 0.8% from yesterday. The price has been fairly stable/volatile lately. What is Bitcoin's price forecast? What recent developments should Bitcoin investors be aware of?
Ethereum Classic: price analysis, forecast and news for November 3
Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) is trading at $9.11, roughly flat compared to yesterday. Ethereum Classic losses extended this week and it's now approaching the support level of $8.75. This week, technical analysists have noticed a major bearish trend line.
Ethereum Classic price analysis and forecast: it's not all doom and gloom
Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) is trading at $9.09, down 2% from yesterday. Ethereum Classic losses have extended, as it trades closer towards the $9.00 level against the US Dollar; however, a bullish trendline is noticeable on the technical chart.
Ethereum (ETH.X): quiet before a breakout?
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $227, down by 1.42% from yesterday. After breaking off from the $245 support level against the US Dollar, Ethereum went through a downside correction. Now that the price has stabilized, investors are wondering about Ethereum's price forecast. Are there good chances of another price hike?
Ethereum: what do the bulls and the bears say?
Is Ethereum as a good or a bad cryptocurrency investment opportunity?
Bitcoin (BTC.X) price: still bearish, despite some positive developments
Bitcoin (BTC.X) is trading at $6,450, up 1% from yesterday. Its price extended downside correction and tested the key support at $6,400 against the US Dollar. What is Bitcoin's price forecast?
Is Cardano catching up with Ethereum?
Cardano (ADA.X) is trading at $0.08, down 12% from yesterday. What is Cardano's price prediction? What news should Cardano investors and traders be aware of?
Ethereum price: an indication of a long-term bearish trend reversal?
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $293, down 1% from yesterday. There has been an increase in demand for Ethereum which has been trading above the$280 resistance levels against the US Dollar. What is Ethereum's price forecast? What's the probability of a long-term price reversal?
11 best cryptocurrencies for August 2018
After a significant dip in the second quarter of 2018, cryptocurrencies are becoming popular again among retail investors, appearing in the mainstream media headlines every day. There are a few cryptocurrencies that have grabbed investors' attention. What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in August this year?
Ethereum's price speculation: why are the bears prevailing?
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $406.54, down by 1.77% from yesterday. It broke the $417 and $409 support levels against the US Dollar. On the hourly ETH chart, we notice a bearish trend line: there are chances of Ethereum's price falling further below $400 in the upcoming period.
Ethereum Classic: what are the chances of a massive breakout?
Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) is trading at $17.14, up 4% from yesterday. There is a bullish trend line forming on the ETC/USD hourly chart. What is Ethereum Classic's price forecast, i.e., prediction?
Ethereum price prediction: the near-term prospect for the cryptocurrency
Ethereum (ETH.X) is trading at $462, up 2% from yesterday. A major downside correction occurred below $500 against the US Dollar. In the last two days, Ethereum trimmed most of its gains against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. What's the price forecast?
Bitcoin surge: multiple factors contributing to the rally?
Bitcoin price surged higher and broke a crucial resistance near $7,150 against the US Dollar. There is a new key bullish trend line forming with support at $7,500. What's driving the surge?
EOS and Ethereum (ETH): where are they headed?
Two cryptocurrencies that are increasingly being compared to one another are EOS and Ethereum. Ethereum has the history and longevity, and has been widely viewed as one of the most promising cryptocurrency investments. But recently, EOS has been gaining momentum on Ethereum.
Depressed volatility driving bitcoin (BTC) price down?
Bitcoin (BTC.X) is trading at $6,407.53, down -4.79% from yesterday, wiping away the gains from the most recent steady recovery. What's driving the bitcoin price down and what's the BTC price forecast?
The bull base for Tronix (TRX)
Tronix (TRX.X) is trading at $0.05, up 7% from yesterday. This rebound comes after a very difficult month for the cryptocurrency. What is the Tron price prediction?
Are hacking issues alone responsible for cryptocurrency price drop today?
Cryptos are down today. The obvious question is, why did the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum remain relatively more stable than the price of other virtual currencies?
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS: who's winning and who's losing?
As the crypto market gains more mainstream popularity, one thing is apparent--increasingly more altcoins are gaining in status, relative to the (still) most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Among the following cryptocurrencies--Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS--who's winning and why?
Ethereum (ETH.X) price forecast: what to expect?
The criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Ethereum and other digital currencies brought down the price of Ethereum Classic (ETH.X) to below $550. What is the price forecast now?
Ethereum (ETH.X): the bull case
As we're entering another week of trading, we're shining the light on some of the recent developments around Ethereum (ETH.X). Will the Ethereum price go up next week?
Ethereum Classic: how long will the bull run last?
Over the last 3 months, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC.X) has swung widely--reaching the peak of $39, but also a bottom of $13. While this coin is on an uphill again, crypto investors are wondering, what is the price prediction for Ethereum Classic?
Tronix prediction: why the price keeps creeping up
Tronix (TRX.X) has been working hard to move into the field of institutional investing. So far this coin has been very popular on retail exchanges such as Bitfinex and Binance. What does the future hold for Tronix?
EOS: what's behind the bull run?
After the market recovered from the US tax deadline, EOS (EOS.X) price witnessed a continuous rise, reaching the level of $21 per coin, an all-time high. What's driving the bull run?
Ethereum (ETH.X): will the bull run sustain?
After the market recovered from the US tax deadline, Ethereum's (ETH.X) price witnessed a continuous rise, reaching the level of $706 per coin. Will the bull run sustain?