Facebook, Inc. (FB)
Facebook, Inc. (FB)
Facebook, Inc. (FB)
Why Facebook and Google must do more on fake news in Southeast Asia
The tech giants should take down more disinformation and make it less lucrative to produce it.
The FAANMG Capex And R&D Budget Is Rapidly US Government Defense Spending
The FAANMG Capex And R&D Budget Is Rapidly US Government Defense Spending Authored by Adam Virgadamo, Morgan Stanley equity strategist Wrapping up our annual gathering this past week, three common themes across regions and sectors stood out. As 2020 unfolds, we’ll have more to say on these topics, but in the meantime, here are the broad outlines of our dialogue. Disruption : Few themes are as evergreen as identifying disruptors and the disrupted, so it was no surprise that we spent much of our day on the subject. Our ideas around the poster children for disruption – e-commerce and the retail industry – came full circle as our retail teams argued that traditional retailers need to disrupt themselves, innovating in order to reinvent their cost structures. Innovation isn’t just driving down costs, but also transforming the way businesses grow – e.g., using digital technologies to scale up, it’s taken upstart Luckin Coffee just two years to match the store count that Starbucks needed 20 years to build in China.
A more realistic Bitmoji? Snapchat is working on a tool called Cameo that uses deepfake technology
The new deepfake technology would further differentiate Snapchat from its rivals Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
Facebook tells users Islamophobic posts meet its community standards despite investigation
Social media clears posts even after the Guardian reveals plot to control at least 21 far-right pages and spread disinformation
Facebook sells 3D virtual reality software Oculus Medium to Adobe
Facebook-owned Oculus Medium announced the sale to Adobe on Friday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but both firms expressed excitement at the future of the software.
Entrepreneurs swear by Bullet Journals and other paper notebooks to organize their lives — here's how they use them
Digital devices and apps have largely supplanted ink and paper in day-to-day business, but the analogue approach can still play an important role for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The founders of Habit Nest were recently named Amazon's Best Small Business Owners Under 30 of 2019 for their line of self-improvement journals that are popular among entrepreneurs. Psychology researchers have found that handwritten notes lead to better conceptual understanding than typed ones, and that task-switching causes performance to suffer. Scroll down to read how a paper and pen routine could help your business, and how one reader can win a highly coveted Insider notebook. Visit BI Prime for more stories. Since joining Business Insider in September, I've spoken with dozens of entrepreneurs across a wide range of businesses about their productivity strategies. A surprising number of them independently said that their personal notebooks were a key part of their daily routine. Four of the Amazon's Small Business of the Year finalists said they rely on pen and paper as they run e-commerce brands, especially among the Owners Under 30.
FTC finds that Cambridge Analytica purposefully deceived Facebook users
Early last year, Facebook was rocked by a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that stealthily acquired personal information about Facebook users as part of a concerted effort to target voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The scandal catalyzed a nationwide discussion about online privacy and birthed the growing narrative that tech companies like Facebook wield too much power. Nearly two years after the scandal first made headlines, the FTC today issued its formal opinion on the matter, noting that Cambridge Analytica deceived consumers with respect to the way it collected and used the personal information it gathered from Facebook users. The FTC's press release on the matter reads in part: In its Opinion, the Commission found that Cambridge Analytica violated the FTC Act through the deceptive conduct alleged in the complaint. The Final Order prohibits Cambridge Analytica from making misrepresentations about the extent to which it protects the privacy and confidentiality of personal information, as well as its participation in the EU-U.S.
Front running case: After Facebook, Sebi looks at matrimonial profiles to catch manipulators
The markets watchdog has been scanning Facebook accounts of suspected persons in cases related to insider trading cases.
Mysterious automated calls, vanished relatives, and sinister Facebook comments: How China intimidates Uighurs who don't even live in the country
China is waging a widespread, coordinated mass crackdown on its Uighur Muslim minority. Though the brutal campaign is most active in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, the Uighurs' homeland, many Uighurs abroad say they have also been targeted by Chinese agents. Members of the Uighur diaspora described receiving mysterious automated calls, eerie Facebook comments, and being threatened by Mandarin Chinese speakers in real life. Uighurs abroad have also discovered their relatives in Xinjiang vanished by Chinese authorities days after they spoke out for the Uighurs. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. China's unprecedented oppression of Uighur Muslims goes beyond the borders of Xinjiang, the western Chinese region where most of the ethnic minority live, former residents told Business Insider. Under President Xi Jinping, China is waging a widespread counterterrorism campaign on Xinjiang, also known to Uighurs as East Turkestan. It is a paranoid move in response to a spate of ethnic riots between Uighurs and Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in the country, ten years ago.
Britain’s election is getting nasty
Candidates hoping to be elected to parliament in Britain have faced all manner of threats and abuse in a particularly hostile campaign, with some worried for their safety when out canvassing.When one man on Facebook threatened a violent attack on Dominic Graham, the would-be MP immediately called the police, who made an arrest.It was far from an isolated case in the run-up to Thursday’s snap polls, called on the increasingly divisive issue of Brexit.Graham is standing for the third time for the…
Facebook (FB) earnings: is the stock poised for recovery?
Facebook, Inc. (FB) shares are trading at $146.20, down -3%. The company is announcing its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday after the market close. What's driving Facebook stock price? What's FB stock price forecast?
Snap (SNAP) earnings preview: focus on user and revenue growth
Snap Inc. (SNAP) is expected to report earnings on August 7 after market close. What are SNAP earnings expectations? What news should investors be paying attention to?
Facebook (FB) earnings preview: still no revenue diversification?
Facebook, Inc. (FB) is expected to report earnings on July 25 after market close. What are FB earnings expectations? What news will the market be watching out for?
Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon or Facebook: who will win the race?
This past weekend we asked stocks investors on Twitter: which company among the tech giants (Alphabet, Apple, Amazon or Facebook) will outgrowth the competition? We got some pretty insightful responses from our Twitter audience and are sharing with you their growth predictions in this post.
Facebook (FB) earnings expectations: 5 things to watch
Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is disclosing its earnings results after the close bell today. Investors are wondering what to expect from Facebook earnings.
Alphabet (GOOGL): Why Investors Think This Stock Is A Buy Now
The similarity of Google’s and Facebook's business models, fueled by Facebook’s data leak, resulted in a dip for Alphabet’s stock price. What is the GOOGL price forecast now?
Twitter (TWTR): How Will The Stock Price Move?
Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) privacy issues have led to Twitter's (NYSE: TWTR) slump of over 10% today. What is the price forecast for TWTR?
Facebook (FB): Should You Buy The Stock Now?
The data incongruity issue has created a pressure on Facebook’s stock performance, which is down 6.79% in yesterday’s trading. Should you buy the stock now?
Snap Inc: Here Is What You Need To Know Prior to Earnings Call Today
Snap Inc. is reporting earnings today after market close. According to Finstead Research, SNAP price target upside is -7.36%. Here is what you need to know about Snap Inc...
FAANG Pullback Inevitable in 2018?
As you're entering 2018, you may be wondering which stocks that you own in your portfolio are bound for a 'correction' in 2018. Here is our take...
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