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Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)
U.S. states plan to sue Facebook next week, sources say
The complaint would be the second major lawsuit filed against a Big Tech company this year. The Justice Department sued Alphabet's Google in October.
Apple and Google releases 'best app of 2020' list
It’s almost like we’ve all been sitting at home, stressed out for most of the year. Oh, right. We have.
AI Just Solved A 50-Year-Old Mystery That Could "Dramatically" Change How We Fight Cancer
AI Just Solved A 50-Year-Old Mystery That Could "Dramatically" Change How We Fight Cancer Tyler Durden Wed, 12/02/2020 - 18:40 On the day our technological AI overlords decide to finally end the human race, we will be able to tout the feather in our cap that at one point they helped us solve some of the world's toughest mysteries. Such was the case with a science problem that the medical and scientific community has been struggling with for more than 5 decades. The problem of "mapping the three-dimensional shapes of the proteins that are responsible for diseases from cancer to Covid-19" appears to now have a solution - thanks to AI. Google's Deepmind now says it has created a program called AlphaFold that can solve the mapping problems in "a matter of days", according to a new report from The Independent . If it works as claimed, the solution will have arrived "decades" before it was expected, the piece notes. Of the 200 million known proteins, only a small amount are understood. The task of figuring out how each individual protein works is time consuming and expensive.
$99 Speaker Showdown: HomePod Mini vs. Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio
Apple recently released the HomePod mini , a new $99 version of the original HomePod that's smaller, cuter, and, most importantly, competitively priced. At $99, the ‌HomePod mini‌ can better compete with affordable smart speakers from companies like Google and Amazon. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. The ‌HomePod mini‌ has been praised for its high-quality sound at its price point, so we thought we'd compare it to Google's Nest Audio and Amazon's Echo to see how it measures up in terms of sound quality, design, and smarts. In the video and the photos below, the ‌HomePod mini‌ is the white speaker, the Amazon Echo is the black speaker, and the Google Nest Audio is the gray speaker that's taller in size. First and foremost, the Nest Audio is priced at $99.99, and the Amazon Echo has an MSRP of $99.99, but it's currently on sale for $70, so all three speakers are available at about the same price points. We may not see the ‌HomePod mini‌ drop in price to Echo level anytime soon given that it was just released, so Amazon has an edge when it comes to pricing.
Canada Seeks Digital Tax On Google, Netflix And Other Global Web Giants
Facing a growing budget deficit and the cries from local businesses about fairness, the Canadian government is proposing a new digital tax on foreign web giants such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and Google. The digital tax is part of a broader five-year, $3.4 billion levy that was unveiled in parliament Monday (Nov. 30) as the […]
iPhone 12 vs the best Android phones: It’s time to consider switching
Along with the rest of 2020, it’s been a wild and unpredictable year for smartphones. Samsung started the year by shipping its most expensive phone ever in the S20 Ultra and finished with one of its best bargains in the Galaxy S20 FE. Google dropped its flagship Pixel 5 to the mid-range and delivered its best design ever, while a OnePlus phone topped a grand for the first time. Plus Apple shipped its smallest iPhone since the iPhone 5. And everything came with 5G on board. But amid all that, which phone emerged from the chaos as the champion of 2020? The phones Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s best phone to date even if it has a slightly inferior camera and a smaller battery than the S20 Ultra. To read this article in full, please click here
The best apps of 2020 prove just what a long, strange year it's been
Apple and Google released their lists of the best apps of 2020 this week, and they are stark reminders of the crucial role tech has played in helping us adapt to living, working, celebrating, exercising and doing pretty much everything else from home this year.
Alphabet Inc. (C)-Aktie Aktuell: Alphabet Inc. (C) legt 0,6 Prozent zu
Mit einem Zuwachs von 0,6 Prozent gehörte der Anteilschein Alphabet Inc. (C) zu den Hoffnungsträgern des Tages. Der Anteilschein notierte bei Handelsende mit 1.503,40 Euro.
Alphabet Inc. (A)-Aktie Aktuell: Alphabet Inc. (A) legt 1,3 Prozent zu
Die Aktie Alphabet Inc. (A) gehörte mit einem Plus von 1,3 Prozent zu den Erfolgreichen des Tages. Der Anteilschein notierte bei Handelsende mit 1.506,60 Euro.
US to accuse Google of labour violations in clampdown on protests, fired employees say
The National Labor Relations Board will file a complaint accusing Alphabet Inc's Google of unlawfully monitoring and questioning workers, who were fired for protesting against company policies and trying to organise a union, the former employees said in a statement on Wednesday.
After Oracle, Thomas Kurian is joining Alphabet: a good thing for the Alphabet stock?
Oracle former president Thomas Kurian is joining Google Cloud on November 26, while Dianne Greene will step down. Green will remain as CEO until the end of the year and will still be on Alphabet's board after leaving her role.
Alphabet (GOOGL) earnings: will it beat again?
Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) shares are trading at $1,111.59, down 3%. The company is announcing its quarterly earnings results on Thursday after the market close. What's driving GOOGL stock price? What's GOOGL stock price forecast? (CRM) stock: what's the sentiment?
What's driving CRM stock price? What's CRM stock price forecast?
Snap (SNAP) earnings preview: focus on user and revenue growth
Snap Inc. (SNAP) is expected to report earnings on August 7 after market close. What are SNAP earnings expectations? What news should investors be paying attention to?
Alphabet (GOOGL) earnings preview: $100B+ run-rate revenue
Alphabet Inc. is expected to report earnings on July 23 after market close. What are GOOGL earnings expectations? What news will the market be watching out for?
Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon or Facebook: who will win the race?
This past weekend we asked stocks investors on Twitter: which company among the tech giants (Alphabet, Apple, Amazon or Facebook) will outgrowth the competition? We got some pretty insightful responses from our Twitter audience and are sharing with you their growth predictions in this post.
Facebook (FB) earnings expectations: 5 things to watch
Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is disclosing its earnings results after the close bell today. Investors are wondering what to expect from Facebook earnings.
Microsoft (MSFT): How High Is The Sky?
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) declined 5% in today’s trading, to below $90 per share. What is the forecast (prediction) for the stock price?
Alphabet (GOOGL): Why Investors Think This Stock Is A Buy Now
The similarity of Google’s and Facebook's business models, fueled by Facebook’s data leak, resulted in a dip for Alphabet’s stock price. What is the GOOGL price forecast now?
Shopify: Can The Stock Move Higher?
There has been a 700% rise in Shopify’s stock (NYSE: SHOP) price since 2015. But what is the price forecast now?
Facebook (FB): Should You Buy The Stock Now?
The data incongruity issue has created a pressure on Facebook’s stock performance, which is down 6.79% in yesterday’s trading. Should you buy the stock now?
FAANG Pullback Inevitable in 2018?
As you're entering 2018, you may be wondering which stocks that you own in your portfolio are bound for a 'correction' in 2018. Here is our take...
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