Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)
Goldman shakes up units in fresh push to win over investors
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. shuffled its business lines and announced a raft of management changes, carving out new divisions aligned with a strategy pivot unveiled earlier this year. The firm is combining asset management and merchant banking as part of its push to raise more client funds for investing instead of betting its own money. […]
El Corte Inglés cierra una emisión de bonos de 600 millones de euros
El Corte Inglés ha cerrado una emisión de bonos por un valor de 600 millones, que tendrán una vigencia hasta marzo de 2024. El grupo presidido por Marta Álvarez ya anunció hace una semana que estudiaba emitir bonos por ese importe tras perder en el primer trimestre fiscal 510 millones de euros por la crisis sanitaria. La compañía, que ha tenido varias presentaciones ante inversores, explica en un comunicado que «la fuerte demanda recibida, que ha superado en cuatro veces la oferta, ha impulsado a la compañía a ampliar su emisión inicial desde los 400 a los 600 millones de euros». Esto es, la demanda ha llegado hasta los 1.600 millones. De esta manera, el grupo de almacenes vuelve a los mercados, un movimiento que no hacía desde enero de 2018, cuando lanzó una emisión más modesta, de 90 millones de euros. Los bonos, emitidos a la par, devengarán un cupón anual del 3,625%. Se trata de obligaciones senior con garantía corporativa que ofrecen una estructura similar a la del bono emitido en 2018, según indican desde la compañía.
GS-Aktie tiefer - Goldman-CEO macht Vertraute zur Chefin des Privatkundengeschäfts
Die Bank beförderte Stephanie Cohen, seit 2017 Chief Strategie Officer, auf den Chefposten des Privatkunden- und Wealth-Management-Geschäfts. Sie wird den Bereich zusammen mit Tucker York führen, der seit geraumer Zeit in der Privatbank von Goldman Sachs arbeitet.
$4.3 billion Marqeta is targeting a wider range of customers for its digital cards with a new 'tokenization-as-a-service' push
Summary List Placement Contactless payments have taken off amid the coronavirus pandemic, with consumers seeking out touch-free ways to pay. One of the world's most valuable fintechs is targeting that trend, looking to help companies distribute digital cards even if they aren't current customers. Marqeta, the card-issuing startup last valued at $4.3 billion, announced Tuesday it is now offering its digital card issuance tech to anyone. Described as "tokenization-as-a-service," any company that wants to be able to issue digital cards can use Marqeta's platform to do so, even if they're not already using the startup to issue or process their physical cards. Tokenization is a critical security element in digital payments. Sensitive information like card numbers are swapped out for other identifiers, or, tokenized. "Prior to this, we've worked primarily with customers where we were issuing the card and processing the cards as well," Kevin Doerr, chief product officer at Marqeta, told Business Insider. "Now we've enabled customers who don't have that relationship with us to still take advantage of the functionality and services that our API layer presents." Read more: PayPal's CFO explains why the payment giant is going against the grain and betting big on QR codes as the new way to pay in-store Historically, consumers have manually set up their cards on digital wallets after receiving a physical card.
Goldman's top 125 execs — Morgan Stanley gears up for Palantir, Asana listings — Wall Street preps for the election
Summary List Placement Tonight marks the first of three debates between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Regardless of who wins, volatility is widely expected to hit the market post-election, so it'll be interesting to see if the immediate feedback from the debate results in any significant market moves one way or another. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can sign up here to get your daily dose of the stories dominating banking, business, and big deals. Like the newsletter? Hate the newsletter? Feel free to drop me a line at or on Twitter @DanDeFrancesco . Inside Goldman Sachs Want to take a peak inside one of the most powerful firms on Wall Street? Dakin Campbell did just that, mapping out the bank's top 125 executives , with help from our graphics whiz Shayanne Gal. An org chart of Goldman Sachs is interesting in and of itself, but consider the fact this comes two years since David Solomon, the bank's current chief executive, succeeded Lloyd Blankfein.
Goldman Sachs to launch foreign exchange pricing engine in Singapore
GOLDMAN Sachs on Tuesday announced that it will build an electronic foreign exchange (FX) pricing engine in Singapore to deliver low-latency execution for its clients. Read more at The Business Times.
The Man Who Tried To Convert The "Vampire Squid" Into A "Lovable Teddy Bear" Is Leaving Goldman
The Man Who Tried To Convert The "Vampire Squid" Into A "Lovable Teddy Bear" Is Leaving Goldman Tyler Durden Mon, 09/28/2020 - 20:00 Five years ago, when Goldman made a historic pivot away from its prop and flow trading, investment banking and central banker incubating bread and butter, and into a consumer digital deposit and lending platform via "Marcus", it prompted a lot of raised eyebrows across Wall Street and at Goldman Sachs itself, where the strategy shift "was initially met with cynicism from some of Goldman’s own investment bankers, who openly derided it." Yet despite the snickers that Goldman was becoming a subprime lender to offset its declining capital markets dominance, Marcus plowed ahead with new offerings and partnerships, and got a lift from the industry’s deposit windfall this year. According to Bloomberg, it is on the cusp of generating $1 billion in annual revenue (which remains a small fraction of the bank's tally of roughly $40 billion. Yet not everything appears to be going to plan at 200 West Street, because as Bloomberg reports, the banker who was instrumental in spawning and helping guide Goldman’s tentacular embrace of Main Street is giving up his post in a management shuffle at the consumer unit.
Goldman Sachs eleva recomendação da Duratex para compra e preço-alvo para R$ 21
Analistas incorporaram na análise o crescimento maior dos setores de construção e habitação no Brasil durante e após a pandemia
We mapped out the power structure at Goldman Sachs and identified the bank's 125 top execs. Here's our exclusive org chart.
Summary List Placement When David Solomon took over as Goldman Sachs' CEO in October 2018, he became just the third person to lead the storied investment bank as a public company. First there was Henry Paulson, who led the charge to take Goldman public in 1999. When Paulson was tapped to become George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary in May 2006, he chose Lloyd Blankfein. Twelve years later, Blankfein selected Solomon. Under the current CEO's predecessors, Goldman made the inconsistent and halting steps away from its partnership and toward something more like a publicly traded corporation. Pre-recorded earnings calls moved to a model where the CFO would banter with analysts. Last year, Solomon asked his lieutenants to create three-year strategic plans. In January, he hosted Goldman's first-ever investor day . Read more: Inside Goldman Sachs' first investor day, where avocado toast and crab apples were served with tech talk, 3-year plans, and a surprising trading mea culpa Perhaps one area where the firm has stubbornly clung to its partnership roots is in personnel matters.
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