Invitation Homes Inc. (INVH)

35.78 -0.36%
Jun 29 close; Powered by IEX
Company’s profitability is improving
Forward dividend yield higher than the industry and sector averages
Forward P/E ratio high relative to industry peers
High short interest


  1. INVH profitability is improving. The YoY profit margin change was 0.03 percentage points. See INVH profitability chart.
  2. INVH forward dividend yield is 2.38%, higher than the industry (2.18%) and sector (1.04%) forward dividend yields. See INVH forward dividend chart.


  1. INVH forward P/E ratio is 67.61, which is high compared to its industry peers’ P/E ratios. See INVH forward P/E ratio chart.
  2. INVH short interest (days to cover the shorts) ratio is 2.91. The stock garners more short interest than the average industry, sector or S&P 500 stock. See INVH short interest ratio chart.