AIM International Mutual Funds (Invesco International Mutual Funds): Invesco Itl Companies Fd; Class R6 Shares (IZISX)

9.79 -0.51%
Jun 29 close; Powered by IEX
3-year return above the benchmark
No sales load or distribution fees
Low net assets
High expense ratio


  1. IZISX 3-year return is 8.33%, which is higher than the 3-year return of the benchmark index (MSCI ACWI Ex USA NR USD), 2.03%.
  2. Good news: this fund does not have 12b1, front-end or back-end sales fees.


  1. IZISX net assets are $113.80 million. This fund is not a popular choice with retail investors.
  2. IZISX expense ratio is 0.87%, which is not negligible. Is the fund expensive to you, and does it align to your investment strategy?