Stellar (XLM.X)
Stellar (XLM.X)
Investing in Stellar Lumens: the bull and the bear case (January 2019)
Is Stellar currently a buy or a sell? Should I sell or hold Stellar today, if I purchased it 3 months ago? Is Stellar a good buy/investment opportunity?
Stellar Lumens price analysis, prediction and news bites
Stellar (XLM.X) is trading at $0.26, up 1.96% from yesterday. XLM/USD is retracing after a recent bull run, upon which the cryptocurrency appreciated 25%. This small near-term correction can be viewed a "jump-in" incentive for bull traders.
Stellar Lumens(XLM.X): what do the bulls say?
Stellar (XLM.X) is trading at $0.21, down 3% from yesterday. The cryptocurrency has lost more than 25% of its value since the recent late-September peak. What is the price forecast of Stellar Lumens? What do the bulls say about Stellar?
Stellar Lumens: a bull case
Stellar (XLM.X) is trading at $0.22, up 2% from yesterday. Stellar is the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $4.19 billion dollars. The altcoin has been 'quiet' lately, so traders are wondering about Stellar's price forecast--and whether the crypto is ready for another pop.
11 best cryptocurrencies for August 2018
After a significant dip in the second quarter of 2018, cryptocurrencies are becoming popular again among retail investors, appearing in the mainstream media headlines every day. There are a few cryptocurrencies that have grabbed investors' attention. What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in August this year?
Stellar Lumens (XLM): a bull case
Stellar (XLM.X) is trading at $0.27, up 0.29% from yesterday. Stellar Lumen's price has come down from its recent highs, but bullish pressure may be kicking in soon. XLM is certainly in the correction mode. What is the Stellar Lumen price forecast? What do speculative investors need to know?