Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)
Google's Nest Hub video displays offering more recommendations
Google's Nest Hub and Lenovo's Smart Display have the features, but you still can't have e-mail or text composed or read back to you on the units
Google Assistant displays get a new UI, a dark theme, and more features
Google’s been on a roll lately. After announcing new hardware and major updates to search, the company today introduced a bunch of new features coming to Assistant-powered displays soon, including a new, more intuitive UI and a dark mode. The new UI is meant to make it easier to interact with the display and access the information you’re looking for without having to summon the Assistant. Previously the displays features a long list of functions would could scroll through, and it could be difficult to access the exact feature you wanted. Now the displays will divide functions into a few… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Google
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review: A mostly aesthetic update
It’s been a busy few weeks for smart speakers. Amazon kicked things off in late September with newer, rounder versions of both the Echo and Echo Dot. Less than a week later, Google updated the Home, after four years, with the rebranded Nest Audio. And then, last week, Apple unveiled the long-awaited $99 HomePod Mini, […]
Así es como Edge, Google Chrome o Firefox soportan tu actividad con una o varias pestañas abiertas
Los navegadores cuentan con funciones específicas para evitar que colapsen ante un uso intenso.
Alphabet Inc. (A) fällt 1,5 Prozent
Das Wertpapier des Softwarehersteller Alphabet Inc. (A) gehörte mit einer negativen Entwicklung von 1,5 Prozent zu den Verlustbringern des Tages. Das Wertpapier notierte bei Handelsschluss mit 1.317,20 Euro.
Google Assistant smart displays, including 3rd-party devices, get a revamp this week with dark mode, multiple account calendar support, a new home screen, more (Dan Seifert/The Verge)
Dan Seifert / The Verge : Google Assistant smart displays, including 3rd-party devices, get a revamp this week with dark mode, multiple account calendar support, a new home screen, more — Plus a new interface for navigating features via touch — Google is updating the look and functionality of the software …
A startup is jumping into the $11 billion 5G endpoints market with a new, cheap networking device that runs with open source software
Summary List Placement Networking startup FreedomFi is launching a new appliance that aims to make the process of building private cellular networks easier and less expensive. FreedomFi has launched a $300 open source appliance called FreedomFi Gateway that makes it possible for anyone to build an LTE or 5G private network using open source software and small cell radios. Private cellular networks give a person or a company secure wireless Internet connectivity and they're particularly useful in remote areas without access to Wi-Fi networks. Users can set up their network's security rules and then start running the 5G network. This product is now available in public beta, FreedomFi announced Monday. This project could benefit people who live in rural areas where Internet connectivity is limited, says Boris Renski, cofounder and CEO of FreedomFi, because it helps strengthen connection in those areas. It can also give businesses faster, more secure networks, too. FreedomFi has already forged partnerships with WiConnect Wireless, which is expanding its LTE network in rural Wisconsin, and Dishnet Africa, which plans to build LTE network services across various regions in Africa.
EU antitrust regulators again extend their decision deadline on the Google/Fitbit merger, to Jan. 8, 2021; meanwhile Fitbit keeps hemorrhaging market share (Dan Primack/Axios)
Dan Primack / Axios : EU antitrust regulators again extend their decision deadline on the Google/Fitbit merger, to Jan. 8, 2021; meanwhile Fitbit keeps hemorrhaging market share — Google's $2.1 billion deal for Fitbit might go down as the only merger to qualify as both pre-pandemic and post-pandemic.
Sortez de votre bulle !
Et si les réseaux sociaux vous enfermaient dans vos certitudes ? Une même recherche sur Google ou Twitter donnera des résultats différents pour vous et votre voisin, car vos préférences ont déjà été préenregistrées. Les "bulle de filtres”, via les algorithmes concoctés par les plateformes, vont dans votre sens, et évitent de vous mettre en contact avec des opinions divergentes. France 24 vous aide à percer la bulle !
Google's search evolution from oracle to advertiser
Compare Google search engine results over nearly two decades and a trend emerges: Results are filled with advertising and non-Google results are lower down.
After Oracle, Thomas Kurian is joining Alphabet: a good thing for the Alphabet stock?
Oracle former president Thomas Kurian is joining Google Cloud on November 26, while Dianne Greene will step down. Green will remain as CEO until the end of the year and will still be on Alphabet's board after leaving her role.
Alphabet (GOOGL) earnings: will it beat again?
Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) shares are trading at $1,111.59, down 3%. The company is announcing its quarterly earnings results on Thursday after the market close. What's driving GOOGL stock price? What's GOOGL stock price forecast? (CRM) stock: what's the sentiment?
What's driving CRM stock price? What's CRM stock price forecast?
Snap (SNAP) earnings preview: focus on user and revenue growth
Snap Inc. (SNAP) is expected to report earnings on August 7 after market close. What are SNAP earnings expectations? What news should investors be paying attention to?
Alphabet (GOOGL) earnings preview: $100B+ run-rate revenue
Alphabet Inc. is expected to report earnings on July 23 after market close. What are GOOGL earnings expectations? What news will the market be watching out for?
Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon or Facebook: who will win the race?
This past weekend we asked stocks investors on Twitter: which company among the tech giants (Alphabet, Apple, Amazon or Facebook) will outgrowth the competition? We got some pretty insightful responses from our Twitter audience and are sharing with you their growth predictions in this post.
Facebook (FB) earnings expectations: 5 things to watch
Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is disclosing its earnings results after the close bell today. Investors are wondering what to expect from Facebook earnings.
Microsoft (MSFT): How High Is The Sky?
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) declined 5% in today’s trading, to below $90 per share. What is the forecast (prediction) for the stock price?
Alphabet (GOOGL): Why Investors Think This Stock Is A Buy Now
The similarity of Google’s and Facebook's business models, fueled by Facebook’s data leak, resulted in a dip for Alphabet’s stock price. What is the GOOGL price forecast now?
Shopify: Can The Stock Move Higher?
There has been a 700% rise in Shopify’s stock (NYSE: SHOP) price since 2015. But what is the price forecast now?
Facebook (FB): Should You Buy The Stock Now?
The data incongruity issue has created a pressure on Facebook’s stock performance, which is down 6.79% in yesterday’s trading. Should you buy the stock now?
FAANG Pullback Inevitable in 2018?
As you're entering 2018, you may be wondering which stocks that you own in your portfolio are bound for a 'correction' in 2018. Here is our take...
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