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Help your employees to become financially competent with personalized, game-based financial education & a wellness community. It’s about time.

The Finny experience

A place where your people can learn about money matters, earn rewards and join a financial wellness community


Finny’s bite-sized lessons are personalized to your employees so they are learning about money matters relevant to them. Lessons can be further customized to educate your people on the key topics they're asking about or employee benefits you offer.


The more you learn, the more earn! But seriously. Finny gives you various rewards for your learnings, ranging from giveaways to gift cards and swag. As an employer, you can customize the rewards to include your perks, discounts, or special offers.


Learning about money matters can be lonely and intimidating. That’s why it’s important to join a financial wellness community and seek the perspectives of other members, including financial coaches. Finny provides a supportive place for your people to get answers to their money questions.

How can Finny help you?

Finny can help you build a diverse and engaged workforce, boost employee experience and increase productivity at work

Attract a diverse workforce

With Finny, you’re promoting financial inclusion by offering financial education to your people and their families. Everyone, regardless of background CAN become financially literate

Increase productivity at work

Your employees, and in particular younger ones, are stressed and may not know much about financial matters. By providing your people with a safe place to learn about money you’re helping them be more productive at work

Boost employee experience, engagement and loyalty

Being a company that people love shouldn’t be so hard and shouldn’t cost a fortune. Show your people that you deeply care about their financial wellbeing

Solve the biggest source of stress for your people—money

Studies show that the biggest source of stress for people is money—it affects people across all income levels. With Finny, your employees get a community to learn and openly talk about their financial stressors

Teach key financial topics your people want to know about

As an employer, you play a huge role in your people’s wellness. Finny can help you demystify key financial topics your people want to learn and communicate employee benefits you offer by applying the same quiz-based, bite-size learning methodology that we use to teach personal finance

Promote employee wellbeing and reduce benefits costs

Studies show that people who take care of their financial needs have better health: physical, mental and emotional. By leveraging Finny and our rewards system, you can promote healthy and responsible behavior, reduce the cost of financial and mental stress & your overall benefits


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Finny empowers employees and their families, regardless of their background, to become financially educated & healthy

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