Empower your people
Help your employees build good money habits, take better advantage of their work benefits, and be financially well through Finny's personalized game-based financial education platform.

The Finny experience

Personalized guided learning experience

We offer personalized guided learning for your employees. Our lessons are bite-sized and jargon-free—a proven way to build a financial foundation. Lessons can be further curated for employers to cover financial topics most relevant for their workforce.

Money trends & tips through learning nudges

Learning nudges come by way of daily personal finance insights on Slack and Microsoft Teams, and trends and market commentary to contextualize lessons—a key to financial capability and the ability to make better-informed personal finance decisions.

Rewards for building good money habits

Employees can earn gold coins, or Dibs, by completing lessons and building their daily money habits. Dibs can be redeemed for gift cards, swag and more. Employers can further customize the rewards offered.

How can Finny help you?

Solve the biggest source of stress for your people—money
The lack of financial education is a key cause of persistent financial stress that follows us everywhere we go, including the workplace. And it affects people across all income levels.
Increase productivity at work
The financial impact of employee stress on productivity is on average, about $4,000 per employee per year. Research has shown that financial stress and anxiety are highly linked to low levels of financial literacy.
Promote employee wellbeing and inclusion
Studies show that people who take care of their financial needs have better physical, mental and emotional health. Promote financial wellness and inclusion by offering financial education to your people and their families.
Boost employee engagement and loyalty
Show your people you care about them by offering financial education, the foundation of financial capability and empowerment. Being a company that people love and appreciate shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.
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Finny empowers employees of all backgrounds, and their families, to become financially educated so they can make better, more confident money decisions.

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