Simplifying finances for every employee

Empowering employees to be financially well through bite-sized and personalized financial education and debt relief.

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A comprehensive financial playbook for employees in all life stages

Manage their financial goals & priorities
Maximize use of their work benefits
See their work benefits in one place
A custom financial action plan

Personalized actions and recommendations, powered by AI

Encouraging nudges and alerts to stay on track, learn and never miss important deadlines

Benchmarking insights: see how others like them are managing their money

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Curated financial education that your employees will love

Over 900+ micro-lessons on a broad range of personal finance categories from budgeting, taxes to investing, equity compensation, insurance and more

Bite-sized, jargon-free and game-based lessons on topics most relevant to you and your people

We support HR teams to simply explain their work benefits

Working to solve the #1 stress employees bring to work: their finances


Increase productivity at work

The financial impact of employee stress on productivity is on average, $5,000 per employee every year.

Promote employee wellbeing and inclusion

Studies show that people who take care of their financial needs have better physical, mental and emotional health.

Boost employee engagement and loyalty

Show your people you care about them by offering a holistic and easy-to-use solution that helps to build good money habits. Being a company that people love and appreciate shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Invest in the financial well-being of all of your employees